Bogan's Rant - With Michael McShane - September 2015

I WAS READY to "QUIT" Diggers & Dealers opened my eyes - I think I had a moment of clarity in-between frothies! It was brief, but it was a moment! We're a passionate industry, involving motivated individuals, genuine and sincere professionals who want to make a difference!

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Screening Process and Selection Criteria

This is a topic I have written about many times before, but it keeps presenting itself- selection criteria and the screening process! It's interesting and equally disturbing to hear literally hundreds of recent stories from candidates about their application, interview process and reasons for rejection from clients!

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No signs of improvement for Geoscientists

JOB PROSPECTS for local geoscientists have worsened further, with employment in the exploration sector crashing more than 15% in the first six months of the year.

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Geological Extinction Event Sparks New Genre of Fiction

We are currently experiencing one of the worst geological extinction events in recorded history. Geologist jobs and other species of mining professional roles are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate.

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Commodity Pricing Graphs

A look back into what's been happening with Coal, Gold and Nickel in the past 6 weeks.

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Do you find yourself in Brisbane by happy circumstance? Keen to share a drink with someone who shares your passion for rocks?

Learn more about GeoPub, Brisbane.

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Brisbane and Queensland Infrastructure set for future growth

Rock On is about more than just mining! We also offer you valuable advice and deals from the professionals we trust. Mosaic Property Group is a specialist property management agency. Brisbane-based Mosaic provide a positive management solution unique within the industry. In this article find out about 3 WAYS TO GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK

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Portfolio Capital - Mortgage Market Wrap

The last couple of months have been a period of massive change in the home loan arena – particularly so in regards to lending for residential investment properties. We’ve seen lenders pull out of SMSF lending, withdraw from residential investment lending, reduce lending ratios and increase interest rates for both new and existing investment loans. Some lenders are even imposing location based policies.

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