Opportunity Shoes

Have you ever had the case of the If Only's?
So easy to get into and so hard to get out of. It’s the Grass is always greener way of life.
If you’re suffering from this debilitating disease, there is only one known cure. And it’s called Opportunity Shoes.

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Fire Up or Fire - The Great Motivational Debate

While studiously reading the other day, (please hold your comments until the end) I came across a fascinating theory on motivation. So contrary to almost everything else I've read on the subject, the theory argues that to motivate is actually a demeaning act. To motivate implies that the person you intend to influence does not have the drive, enthusiasm or competence to complete a task themselves.

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Stress Bunny

I promise I'm not going to buy into the paranoia of the matrix or evil alien cloning techniques. But have you ever noticed that there are people you encounter in this life who display remarkably similar behaviours?
My pet group this week is one we shall dub the "Stress Bunny".

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