Our favourite part... Hearing that you love your new job!

What's your favourite part of the work you do? Ours is hearing how much you love your new job! To celebrate the Good News Gazette we wanted to share with you a story from one of our favourite new recruits, Christopher Goti. Here's what he had to say.

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The Good News Gazette

Doom is a marvellous computer game and gloom is a good excuse to stay in bed on a Sunday morning in this edition of the RockOn Newsletter. Join us in celebrating the good things in life with the Good News Gazette!

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Is the sky falling? How to judge what’s really happening as opposed to what Bob said.

When you find yourself in the position where Chicken Little is yelling in your ear it can be very difficult to hear the truth behind the hype. 5 tips for checking Chicken Little's credibility.

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Great Candidates Grow on Trees

Every now and then you hear somebody lay something on the table so clearly that the ensuing light bulb moment closely resembles that of an exploding star. I recently had one of those perfect clarity moments when discussing a vacancy with our new Geology and Engineering recruiter Scott. Would you like to join the movement?

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Brisbane Rental Appraisals

Attention Brisbane Property Owners - Request Your FREE Rental Appraisal
Do You Know How Much Rent Your Property Should Receive In The Current Rental Market?

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