Recruitment Methodology

recruitment-methodologyAttracting Quality Candidates

We do this through a mix of canvassing our database, advertising across a range of media, networking and talking to talented people in the industry. We maintain regular contact with our candidates and know their ideals so matching them with your needs increases the successful placement and retention of these candidates within your organization.


Understanding the Job

Undertaking a recruitment assignment can only be successful if we can engage with you. Listening and talking about the job vacancy, your work environment, the challenges and prospects for the best fit candidate. Changing job is a life changing experience and we strive to make sure that we provide the best advice to your organization and the candidate.


Tailoring Recruitment Campaigns

Whether you are looking for a single employee or a major recruitment drive, we can determine the best mix of job board, newspaper, industry or online media to advertise your vacancy. We can target advertising to highlight your organization via your corporate brand, opt for joint branding or blind advertising. We are flexible to your needs and aware of the best way to attract candidates for permanent, contract or project based appointments.


Assessing the Best Candidates

Through a comprehensive process of skills assessment, screening interviews, in-depth conversations about personal and professional achievements, career aspirations, preparedness to move and reference checking, we will provide you with a choice of candidates who will know as much about the vacancy as we do and who have committed to pursue this opportunity.

Throughout the Recruitment Process we never lose sight of the fact that we are bringing people together and giving them the opportunity to make life changing decisions. We want those decisions to work out and so we stay in touch.


Retaining Talent

Our commitment to you continues after the candidate commences work. Our terms of engagement and our methods are designed to support an ongoing relationship that is transparent, supportive and genuine.


Rock On with Stealth

We have a stealth-like ability to advertise your opportunities to a passive market through our broad and personal interactions with clients and candidates alike. It's all about linking up and keeping in touch. We like to do things differently, so join our network and make it work for you.

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