Why Stealth?

Your ideal candidate is hibernating

Your ideal candidate is not applying for work. We are forward thinking and proactive in our hunting strategies. Ideal candidates are often passive and not actively looking for work. They are not actively exposed to traditional advertising. At Stealth we know how to hunt and know where they hibernate.
80% of the candidates we place are not actively seeking work.

High level of retention

We understand your need to retain talent. Retaining talent is a reflection of the recruitment process. It means matching the ideal candidate to the ideal role. We work to manage expectations by providing accurate and consistent information to our candidates and to you as a client. Finding the right candidates will save you money in replacement costs and the costs of training and professional development, and will minimise the valuable time lost while a position sits vacant.

We're on your team

Flying your flag, wearing your hat and walking in your shoes. Understanding your business, your culture and your people enables us to sell more than can be written on a piece of paper. It means finding talent that fits.
We're not transactional and that is one of our differentiators from the traditional recruitment model. By understanding your ideals we can actively promote your organization in partnership with your own recruitment model - A dedicated extension of your recruitment function!

Operating Locally and Globally

Our local base is Brisbane, our network is global. We have hands on industry experience and are true specialists in our market. Our extensive networks are constantly growing and evolving. They are not constrained by geography.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Get the message out there! Here at Stealth we understand how important it is to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Michael McShane has consistently led the hunt for talent with dynamic & proactive attraction strategies. He brings this experience to Stealth where he continues to tailor make marketing solutions for recruitment campaigns.
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